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Gravações em Salvador, Mixagem e Masterização (não presenciais)

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Intra - "A Passagem" new single out! 

So, I'm back at playing with a band, after a good 13 years.
The band is called Intra and we have a new single out, the only thing is that it's not me on the drums :)
Anywyas, here is a description of this release:
- Drums were played and recorded by our friend Victor Brasil at his home studio.
- Bass, guitars and vocals were tracked at my “new studio” Vértice. Vocals went through the SM7 and UAD's API Vision via Unison.
Mixed and mastered by me as well, maybe I'll put a video breaking down the mix session.
Enjoy in all digital platforms!


Lugubra - "Decolonial" new single is out now! 

From about 20 years of collaboration (different band names, but the same musicians) comes this new single called “Decolonial” from the Brazilian metal band “Lugubra” (previously Drearylands).
I was tasked with mixing and mastering a self-produced and self-recorded (apart from vocals) album that comes out soon.
For now, you can enjoy their first single below

Briga - "La Fête" music video out now! 

This is a good one, mainly because I was part of the whole process, from rehearsal, to tracking, mixing and mastering AND because it is NOT my typical rock/metal type of project that you see here often.
We tracked the song's rhythm section live and Hotel2Tango in Montreal, overdubs were made at Music Salad's studio, and all that in just a few weeks, from start to finish.
I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!