Studio Life Snippets ep. 5 - Live recording setup

A few months ago (end of June 2018 to be exact) I recorded the Montreal based band "The Leftovers" live at La Hacienda Creative using mostly cheap microphones (the only expensive mic was the AEA R88 for overheads and a U87 for vocals) and Universal Audio Apollo interfaces.

We tracked 3 songs in a day, live off the floor.
The mic setup is described in the video and the audio interface setup is described here

Guitars and bass were recorded using the interfaces Hi-Z inputs and UAD amp emulations, in real time, with very low latency.
We also had 4 headphone mixes (although with limited routing possibilities due to one of the Apollo interfaces not having the Thunderbolt card and not being cascaded properly).

We only did overdubs for vocals (U87 into Unison 1073), some solos and a little fix here and there.

You can hear the final results here

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If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.


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