Canil Pro Audio Vs Purple Audio

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When we compare recording studio equipment we tend to take prices too seriously, and sometimes we can loose a sleeper just because of that

I have already tested Canil Pro Audio’s Mini76 and Mini76 RED on this video, and now is time to hear them in action, side-by-side with the well known and loved Purple Audio MC77, and as an extra (not that they sound anything like) a Buzz Audio SOC-1.1.

The main point here is not to say which one sounds “better” than the others, it’s just to find out if the less expensive one, can suit your needs instead of paying 3 times the price on something else.

So, on those tests, if they sound any close to what you like, great, this is a test for you, if they’re too compressed, then look somewhere else.

If you can’t hear the difference, then look somewhere else.

A small description on the settings:

– 4:1, 8:1, 12:1 (Limit mode on the Mnis) and MAX (20:1 on the MC77 and SLAM on the Minis)

– If there is “pushing” on the file: input maxed out

– If there is “pushin_out” on the file: output maxed out

This is not scientific AT ALL!

Apogee Symphony converters for all the tests.

Compressors Shootout
Compressors Shootout
Version: 1
337.1 MiB

A few images from the test:

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