Studio Life Snippets ep. 2 - The drum "re-amping"

I always liked to create my own sounds... using outobard FX, or stacking plugins, or recording the sound of a specific track through a room, or through a piece of gear that was not supposed to handle that signal... whatever... try something different.

The fact is: crazy deadlines usually put us on a situation where we have to keep it "safe" and deliver the best possible result on a short amount of time...

But it's not always like this, and we should use the opportunities the best way we can.

For this song, I had time to try things and I'm really happy with the results.

PS.: the mix you hear on the video, is not the final version... that's where the song was at that specific day when I shot the video. With that said: the final result it's not that much different.

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