Vaudou Brass Sample Pack

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I’ll be releasing soon a sample pack from the Vaudou Brass snare.

For those who never heard about Vaudou, it is a brand of custom drums made in Quebec, Canada.
This is a brass snare, 14″ x 6.5″, and it was sampled with brand new Evans G2s on the batter side and Evans Hazy 300 on the snare side.
The signal chain was:
– Microtech Gefell UM930 into an AMS Neve 1073 pre, into a Burl B2 Bomber
– Shure SM7 into 1073 into B2
– Shure Beta 57 into API 512, into Apogee Symphony.

I’ll put out a freebie so you can hear more or less how the snare sounds. The freebie has a different tuning, less samples and less dynamics.

The “full” pack will have the final snare samples, unprocessed, so you can teak it however you want, leaving it more or less organic, just like if you recorded the snare with a great signal chain.
It will also contain a “tweaked” snare, with build the way I like, ready to go on you mix and make your snare cut through everything else with definition and punch.

The pack will be sold for $4.50 CAD.

Stay tuned for more details soon.