Tutorial: Basic automation on Reaper

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I’ve just uploaded a new tutorial on how to make some basic/quick automation on Reaper

On this tutorial I use a few shortcuts on the keyboard and now you can understand better what Actions are set to those shortcuts:

– Time Selection: Set time selection to items: with this Action you can select whatever audio/MIDI region you like and it will set your time selection to the same “size” of the region

– Envelope: Insert 4 envelope points at time selection: this Action creates 4 points on the automation lane selected. 2 points on each end of the time selection so you can manipulate the automation within that time, more easily without the need to “draw” each point.

– Item Edit: Move items/envelope points down OR up one track/a bit: this Action changes the selected automation by pre-defined (by Reaper) increments, up or down.

That’s pretty much it, if you have any questions, go ahead and post them down here!

Thanks for your visit!