Tutorial 2: Talking about equalizers

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Hello there

Here we are for another “tutorial” (it’s more of a chat about equalizers) of a series of many that will come, where I will talk about most of the tools used while mixing and today’s episode is about “Equalizers”

I have to remind you that this is not a tutorial about mixing, but we will get there soon enough.

In this video I’ll explain to you what are the most common types of EQs that we’ll find on studios and DAWs.

I also have to say that there is no “recipe” during this video, there is no such thing. What I want is to encourage you to get to know the tools so you can pick the ones that works best for you and fits your style and needs so later you can develop your own “recipe” that will help do your job better, faster and easier.

Be my guest to leave comments and/or questions here or at the “Comments” section on Youtube!

As a side note: This is only my second video and I’m working hard to make each one better than the one before and that they will help our colleagues out there who might need this information.