Tutorial 1: Reaper + Mixbus = Heaven!

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This is the first tutorial of many others that I’ll try to make to help the home recordists and starting engineers.

Today I’ll explain how to connect Reaper and Mixbus, using JackOSx (JackPilot).

I know it wont reach as many people, because you’ll need to own both OR antoher DAW + Mixbus to understand and use this concept.

For now, Reaper is Win/Mac and Mixbus is Mac/Linux, so you also need a Mac computer to use the templates attached to this post.

Having a control surface as the Alphatrack, Faderport or similar is a great idea, but it’s not essential.

Just download the file and watch the video and you’re all set!

Good luck and have fun!

Also feel free to send any questions!!

Reaper+Mixbus Template