COVID Jamming #8 - "Big Shellfish"

Switching things around a little bit for this one!

This song had a different setup:

Matheus's guitar (top right corner and left side of the mix) is recorded through his Katana amp via USB, using the clean channel and an overdrive pedal. 

Bernardo's bass was tracked using the direct out of a small Vox amp into a Zoom H4 (used as a soundcard)  

Bruno's guitar was recorded using his phone's microphone while he was playing the song via his normal live setup. 

Drums were tracked in a small garage using a VERY cheap CAD drum mic kit (kick, snare and 2x tom mics) and a pair of Oktava MK012 as overheads 

All mics went into a Yamaha n12 digital mixer (bought used for $250). 

The drums are one take with no editing or samples whatsoever.  


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