“Can I Sound Like That Record?”

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Most of the bands/musicians that are recording their work for the first time come to the studio “wanting to sound like something”.

It’s like they’re trying to achieve the sound of “that record”.

Those records they use as references, are 99% of the time, recorded by experienced musicians, with many years of experience, with hundreds (if not thousands) of gig under their belts, tracked and mixed by engineers with many dozens (why not hundreds as well)  of records, on studios with MILLIONS of dollars invested in gear and acoustics.

Know-how is everything in this business. I would say 90% of the sound will be achieved by human technique.

The result of an inexperienced musician + inexperienced engineer/producer +great studio will most of the time be “worse” than an inexperienced musician + experienced engineer/producer +small studio, and I GUARANTEE that that will be beat by a experienced musician + experienced engineer/producer + great studio.

All in life demand dedication to grow and evolve. Musicianship and engineer are crafts (doesn’t matter if the tool is a console, a computer or a guitar) and it needs DIARY investments of your time, patience and dedication to grow and evolve.

Think about that before recording your next work!