API 2500 vs UAD API 2500


So after the last UAD software update (v9), Universal Audio released the long-awaited UAD API 2500 stereo bus compressor.
I'm a huge fan of the hardware and couldn't wait to test it's virtual version.

Fortunately I had just finished mixing a 6 song EP for Brazilian band Massa Sonora using the hardware on my stereo bus.
Since I use it's character and tone as part of my mixing process (having the compressor ON since the moment I bring the first fader up on the mix) that is almost the perfect situation to hear how "different" the hardware and software sound.
So I opened the mix session on Harrison Mixbus 32c, bypassed everything that came after the 2500 hardware on my stereo bus and printed the mix.
Then I took the 2500 out of the chain, adjusted the level hitting A/D and printed the mix again.
I brought the files into Reaper for a bit of post-processing with the UAD Chandler Curve Bender (I had a Clariphonic brightening up my stereo bus after the 2500 and before coming back into the A/D converters) so I could try to emulate the tone of the original mix and compare the new versions better.
I have no idea of the signal chain for the instruments tracking sessions but here is the signal chain for the mixing session:

Harrison Mixbus 32c > Antelope Orion 32 > 8 channels of SSL line input in the X-Rack > API 2500 > Burl B32 > DAW

Take a listen to those files and let me know what you think in my Facebook page.