"Canto Torto" Live Recording snippet

A couple of weeks ago we spent a Sunday recording instrumentals of 7 tunes for  Brazilian Garage Rock band “Canto Torto”.

Click to read about the setup

The setup was the following: 

- Universal Audio Apollo x8p for drums 
- Universal Audio original Apollo for bass and guitars (both via DI, post any effect pedal the musicians wanted to use) 
- Universal Audio Apollo Solo 

All mic pres were running API Legacy console, with EQ and compression when needed. 

And the mics:
- RE20 for the kick 
- Audix i5 for snare top 
- 421 for rack tom and floor tom 
- 2 x Oktavas MK-012 for ORTF overheads 
- 2 x Bash Audio RM BIV-1 for room mics 

There is no post-recording processing here yet. Just a compressor and a limiter on the stereo bus.


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